Psy 2174 Study Guide

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PSYC 2314 Exam 3 Study Guide

Chapter 10 – Early Childhood Psychosocial Development

1) What is the preeminent psychosocial accomplishment between the ages of 2 and 6?

2) Why might an angry 5 year old stop herself from hitting another child?

3) According to Erikson, what is the psychosocial stage that occurs between the ages of 3 and 6?

4) What is self-concept?

5) According to Erickson, what type of self-concept is typical of young children?

6) What physiological development aids the psychosocial development described by Erikson?

7) Which emotion indicates maturity because it comes from within the individual (rather than imposed from outside)?

8) What is intrinsic motivation?

| | |9) What is extrinsic motivation? |

10) What psychological function is aided by and is correlated with imaginary friends?

11) Control of which emotion is emphasized in the United States?

12) When is shame used to teach emotional control?

13) What is psychopathology?

14) What are externalizing problems?

15) What are internalizing problems?

16) Which sex develops emotional regulation first?

17) At what age does neurological maturity in the prefrontal cortex make children less likely to throw a temper tantrum?

18) By what age is a child able to use sense of humor and a sense of fairness to gain entry into a group of friends and playmates?

19) Describe the play of children in developed countries?

20) What is parallel play?

21) What is rough-and-tumble play?

22) What is sociodramatic play?

23) What area of the brain does rough-and-tumble play help develop?

24) What are the four dimensions of parenting style?

25) What are the three parenting...
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