Pros and Cons of Pornography

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Actor, Pornographic actor Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 16, 2013

AUDIENCE: In 1-2 sentences, identify who exactly you think your audience is. Young adults and middle aged people.

CLAIM: State your claim/thesis. This should be limited to one concise sentence. Pornography isn’t as horrible as we make it to seem.

[***Reason/Warrant/Evidence should be charted for as many reasons as you can come up with to support your claim]

REASON: Pornography is a method of releasing sexual tension and relaxing to improve the human body & mind.

Watching pornography does not contract sexually transmitted diseases. Pornography is a multi- billion dollar industry providing a large number of jobs including actors, actresses, directors, film crews, editors, technical staff, ect.

Porn is a great place to start for sexual exploration. It can heighten your attitude towards sex, is a great place to obtain new sexual knowledge and is a good basis for experimentation. It provides an outlet for checking out other people, without inviting them into your bedroom.\

POSSIBLE REBUTTALS: Anticipate your opposition. List possible refutations for your argument. You do not need to include your response to the refutation at this stage. Some (but not all) religions and beliefs are against pornography, because it’s considered a type of adultery and unfaithfulness.

Femism: many people consider pornography demeaning to men and especially women. Pornography can cause unrealistic expectations and desensitize people, thus pornography can ruin relationships....
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