Prominent Speech Analysis on “How State Budgets Are Breaking Us Schools”

Topics: Public finance, State, Audience theory Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Semester 2 2011/2012
SBLE 2083 Public Speaking (Group E)

Prominent Speech Analysis on “How state budgets are breaking US schools”

Lecturer: Nurul Nazifah binti Mat Noh

Group Members:
Koo Chi Haw205634
Thong Hsien Jin205770
Mohammad Azlan bin Annual206955
Muhammad Noorhafizi bin Noor Azay 207278

Title: How State budgets are breaking US schools
In the beginning of the speech, the speaker did gained the attention and interest of the audience by relating the topic to the audience and stating the importance of the topic and relating the topic to the audience. He mentioned that “And these budgets are the key for our future; they're the key for our kids”. This example shows that he was trying to relate the audience about their future and their children. He also mentioned that “the great universities or community colleges -- most of the money for those things is coming out of these state budgets”. This means that state budgets are crucial for education spending in the United States. The speaker did not introduce the topic clearly in the beginning of the speech. He begun his speech only by saying “Well, this is about state budgets.” and “And these budgets are the key for our future; they're the key for our kids”. These might only gave hints or questions to audience about the topic that was going to present by the speaker. The speaker did establish credibility by showing the numbers about the state budgets. He mentioned “State budgets are big, big money -- I'll show you the numbers”. This means that he has the information that is relevant and is qualified to speak on this topic. The speaker did not really preview the body of the speech. It would not be clear either. He said that the state budgets are important for their future and their kids which only gave hints about how state budgets problems are going to relate to education spending. The speaker should have preview the body of the speech by saying the main points to the audience in the...
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