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Swinburne University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Sciences
HET202 Digital Electronics Design

To become familiar with the design of digital circuits using a hardware description language, to simulate these designs and finally implement them using a FPGA.

This project has a weighting of 10% of the total subject marks. Assessment is based on demonstration in the laboratory and submission of a written project report. The report is due at the end of week 13 with the demonstration occurring during the usual laboratory sessions of that week.

It is assumed that the students have completed the “Modelsim Introduction” and “ISE introduction” exercises. The second of these exercises may be completed during the 1st of the three lab sessions devoted to the project. It would be desirable to do some of this exercise beforehand. These exercises are available in electronic form on Blackboard.

The laboratory makes use of a FPGA prototyping board that plugs into the digital board that you have already been using and makes use of the existing facilities of that board. It is expected that a significant part of the implementation and testing would be conducted by simulation with actual hardware testing kept to a minimum.

When connecting the FPGA board connect the cables in the following order: 1.

Connect the JTAG Cable to the USB-JTAG Programming Module then the FPGA board. Be very careful when connecting the JTAG cable plug - Do not connect it backwards as it may damage the board. If the Board is damaged, you would have to pay for it. The unit cost roughly USD200.


Connect the micro USB to the USB-JTAG Programming Module and to the PC USB port last.

Reverse this procedure when disconnecting.

HET 202 Digital Electronics Design

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Swinburne University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Sciences
HET202 Digital Electronics Design

This design exercise is the creation of a controller for a traffic intersection. The controller is responsible for controlling the traffic and walk lights for the intersection. The operation of the intersection is described by the following:

For each of the following scenarios, initially assume that the East-West traffic has had a green traffic light for a long time.
o If a North-South Car is detected:
1. Traffic lights will cycle to Green and hold for a short duration in that direction. 2. The walk light will not be on unless a pedestrian is detected before the lights have finished cycling to Green or during the short duration hold. 3. After the short duration if no Pedestrian/Car is detected on the East-West side, the light will maintain green.

o If a North-South Pedestrian is detected
1. Traffic lights will cycle in a similar fashion but the appropriate walk light will be displayed for a short interval.
2. If no Car is detected on the East-West direction, the traffic for the North-South will maintain green for traffic only.
o If Cars are detected on both direction
1. The traffic light will cycle for both directions after the mandatory short duration for each side.
o If a pedestrian wishing to cross with the traffic is present and a car and/or pedestrian is present on the cross road then the lights will cycle before the 1st mentioned pedestrian is shown a walk light.

Once the lights have changed to Green in a particular direction they: o Will remain green for a minimum time before another change is possible. o Will remain green unless an input situation requires the lights to cycle i.e. the lights do not cycle between directions without cars and/or pedestrians being present. Your design must include safety consideration, for example both directions display red before cycling to the green state for the other direction.

Your design must also include a countdown timer, to show the remaining time from green to amber.
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