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Project xxxx Charter

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Table of Contents

High Level Purpose or Justification3
Project Scope3
Project Requirements3
Key Stakeholders3
Project Budget/Cost3
Project Timeline4
Potential Risks4
Key Deliverables and High Level Milestones4
Constraints and Dependencies4
High Level Critical Success Factors4
Acceptance Criteria4

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Project Sponsor:
Project Manager:
Date Prepared:

Project Charter Document

High Level Purpose or Justification
Describe the purpose of this project at a high level.
The purpose of this project is to build a football stadium to create our own identity in the area of Construction.

Project Scope
Define the project scope at a high level.
To build a Football Stadium with a rectangular size of 360 feet long x 160 feet wide and has a capacity of 8000 people with all the modern amenities like big TV screens, Natural and Artificial Grass on field, Cameras, Restrooms and Changing Room, Training Room, Light Control Room, Comfortable seating arrangement, Equipment room, Water supply room, Electricity Room, Sanitary and Drainage System, Car-Parking lot with Cameras.

Project Requirements
Describe the project requirements at a high level.
Heavy Machinery to clean, build and make a sustainable football stadium

Key Stakeholders
Identify the key stakeholders and whey they are important.
High School Management, Students and Trustee of the High School.

Project Budget/Cost
Note the project budget at a high level.
The Budget for this project is $25,00,000,000.

Project Timeline
Provide sufficient information regarding the project timeline and add a table or graph. The Timeline or the period to complete this project is 12 Months.

Potential Risks
Identify the potential risk for the project at the high level. Delay of the materials, Labor...
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