Project Charter

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Project Charter
Applicable Processes/Procedures: Identify the process for creating a project charter 1. General Information:
Project Title – The proper name used to identify this project; Project ID – The working name or acronym that will be used for the project; Sponsoring Organization – The organization sponsoring this project; Sponsor Representative – The name of the person representing the Sponsoring Organization; Prepared by – The person(s) preparing this document; Version – Version of this document. Project Title:

Project ID:

Sponsoring Organization:

Sponsor Representative:

Prepared by:


2. Project Stakeholders:
List all applicable project stakeholders.

Program Manager

Project Manager

Customer / User Representative(s)

3. Executive Summary
Provide a brief overview of this project.

4. Project Purpose
Explain the reason(s) for doing this project.
4.1. Business Need / Problem
The Business Need / Problem is an issue or opportunity pertaining to the business which needs to be resolved / acted upon. State in specific terms the issue or opportunity this project will address. Often, the Business Need / Problem is a critical business issue or initiative in the Sponsoring Organization’s Strategic Plan.

4.2. Business Objectives
Define the specific Business Objectives of the project that correlate to the strategic initiatives or issues identified in the Sponsoring Organization’s Strategic Plan. Every Business Objective must relate to at least one strategic initiative or issue and every initiative or issue cited must relate to at least one project business objective. Strategic Plan Element

Project Business Objectives

5. Project Overview
5.1. Project Description
Describe the project focus, approach, customer(s), and the boundary limits of the project.

5.2. Scope
The Project Scope addresses the who, what, where, when, and why of a project.
5.3. Assumptions
Assumptions are statements taken for granted or accepted as true without proof. Assumptions are made in the absence of fact. List and describe the assumptions made in the decision to charter this project.

5.4. Constraints
Constraints are boundary conditions that the project must stay within. List and describe the constraints applicable to this project.

6. Project Requirements / Deliverables
The Project Requirements / Deliverables define what the project must accomplish, including the customer/ user requirements and products / services to be provided by the project.

7. Project Management Milestones and Deliverables
Provide a list of Project Management Milestones and Deliverables. This list of deliverables is not the same as the products and services provided by the project, but is specific to the management of the project. An example of a Project Management Milestone is the Project Plan Completed. Milestone / Deliverable

Estimated Date
Responsible Individual

8. Costs / Budget
Identify the initial funding required by the project and/or committed to this project by the project sponsor. Additional funding may be requested / committed upon completion of the detailed project plan. Purpose




9. Personnel & Other Resources
Identify the personnel and other resources required by the project and/or committed to this project by the project sponsor. Additional resources may be committed upon completion of the detailed project plan. Resources

Project Team




Software Tools


10. Project Risks
Risks are statements of issues or problems that have the potential to arise but have not yet occurred. List and describe the initial risks for this project.

11. Project Organization
11.1. Project Organization Chart...
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