Project Charter

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Sheikh Rahman|
28 March 2013|

Sheikh Rahman

Project Charter

The project charter, sometimes also called a Project Overview Statement (POS), is the signed document that formally defines and authorizes a project. Without a project charter, the goals of the project will be ambiguous and often understood incorrectly by the key stakeholders, each having a different point of interest in the project. The result is a project beset with conflicting priorities, role confusion, and in many cases, as failed project.

Project Charter
Purchase & Relocation of warehouse for JC Logistics

JC Logistics

Table of Contents
Section 1.Charter Introduction2
1.1Document Change Control2
1.2Executive Summary3
Section 2.Project Overview5
2.1Project Summary5
2.1.1Project Goals, Business Outcomes and Objectives5
2.1.2Project Scope5
2.1.3Scope Definition5
2.4Project Cost Estimate and Source of Funding7
2.4.1Project Cost Estimate7
2.4.2Source of Funding7
2.6Project Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints8
Section 3.Project Organization9
3.1Project Governance9
3.2Project Team Structure9
3.3Roles and Responsibilities9
3.4Project Facilities and Resources10
Section 4.Project References10
Section 5.Glossary and Acronyms10
Charter Introduction
Document Change Control
Changes to the project charter can only be made by adding annexes to the original project charter. Revision Number| Date of Issue| Author(s)| Brief Description of Change| 1.0| 28.03.2013| Mr Ian Smith & Ms Jenna| |

| | | |
| | | |

Executive Summary
The Project was initiated at the behest of Mr. Tony Ellwood, the CEO of JC Logistics. The CEO appointed Ian Smith, the vice president of the company as the sponsor of the project and warehouse manager Ms Jenna has been appointed as the Project Manager. The project was initiated rather hastily after receiving a notice from the Landlord to vacate the premises by 31 December 2013,the last date on the current lease. Mr Ian, The project sponsor will take formal delivery of the project from Ms Jenna at the end of the project. But the project deliverables will benefit the entire company and will be used by one and all.The entire staffs and customers of JC Logistics will be impacted by this project.

This project charter formally authorizes the existence of the project, Purchase & Relocation of Warehouse for JC Logistics, and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities described herein. If there is a change in the project scope, the project charter will be updated and submitted for re-approval.

Major StakeholdersSignature Date

Mr Tony EllwoodDate
Executive Sponsor
CEO, JC Logistics

Mr Ian SmithDate
Project Sponsor
Vice President, JC Logistics

Ms Jenna Date
Project Manager
Warehouse Manager, JC Logistics

Mr Colin GoldsmithDate
Office Administrator
JC Logistics

Mr Bisun DuttDate
Chief Financial Officer

Project Overview
Project Summary
JC Logistics has been given notice by their landlord that the lease on the warehouse they had been renting was due to expire on 31 December 2013 with no...
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