Project Charter

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IT/IS Kiosk
Designing a Kiosk that Serves

Team Charter
Updated: 02/21/2006 Prepared by: Diana Wong Mei Leng

Team Charter
Chartering Group IT/IS Department Sponsor Jose Solera Program Manager Diana Wong Coach John Doe Team Ratification Date: WW8 Team Kickoff Date: WW9

Foundation Elements
Project Objective Project Description
Develop and implement a real-time self-service approach to equip UTP IT/IS Faculty and Current and Prospective Students to improve customer services, expand customer base, reduce labor costs, and provide easy access and information. Users today are smarter and demand transactions to be fast, easy and entertaining with a wide variety services at one place with instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Companies and organizations throughout the world are constantly investigating new ways to leverage the recent dramatic advances in information technology. The interactive self-service kiosk in general provides higher service levels for customers, faster transactions, and efficient use of personnel for more in-depth customer relations and services. Designed for style and engineered for performances, IT/IS Kiosk provides an effective, manageable and informative system to faculty users, current students, prospective students, and visitors. IT/IS Kiosk provides 24 hours x 7 days online access of IT/IS department information to users. The kiosk serves to update users on the latest information on the IT/IS faculty. IT/IS Kiosk bridges the human resource self-service gap, providing end users with benefits information and keeping them connected with the organization in many other ways. This interactive self-service kiosk employ modular hardware designs that can be expanded to include numerous peripherals, such as touch screens, thermal printers, and card scanners. • No systematic way at present for users to view information on the IT/IS department • Ineffective lecturer-student appointment scheduling system. • Lack of effective and direct communication between lecturers and students • No access for students to view past course’s performance and references • Touch screen interface creates user friendly experience for all users • Interactive information kiosks assist students in making smarter decision in wisely selecting and registering for courses available. • Kiosks in any environment increase public awareness and save labor overhead • Printing-on-demand option for information kiosks saves preprinted forms costs • Provides virtual assistance for student counseling • Conveniently accessible interactive information on the organizational structure, history, lecturer’s information, campus map, and course references. • Self-service kiosks reduce costs by lowering employee headcount • Improves students retention rate • Reduced costs for basic service levels • Reduces waiting in line by students • Virtual assistant on increases student's performances

Problem Statements Features and Benefits

Business Imperative

Team Charter 8/2/2007

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Scope/Boundary Conditions/Targ et Users

Scope: Overall: IT/IS Department Phase 1- Pilot Version 1 IS Faculty *Subsequent Phases - Proliferate Version 1 beyond IS Faculty Boundary conditions: ° Leverage what already in the environment to ensure no duplication of efforts ° Comprehensive and yet simple Target Users: ° IT/IS Faculty ° Current and Prospective UTP Students

Strategies towards Goal

° ° ° °

Work with modules Partner with IT/IS faculty and students by engaging them in understanding their involvement in PLC as the requirements provider. Introduce self-service approach to drive standard compliance Establish sustaining team to own the sustaining process Performance Challenges/ Hinge factors Potential resistance (maybe due to misperception) from faculty and management that this is added workload (employee behavior change) Strategies to address ° Right and appropriate communication plan to be able to tell WIIFM. (WIIFM = What is in...
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