Products Liability Outline

Topics: Implied warranty, Warranty, Contract law Pages: 102 (35396 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Definition of Products Liability (PL)
Any cause of action having to do w/a product; not a cause of action in and of itself; rather, it has to do with an injury or accident arising out of the use of a product (any product sold in the stream of commerce; must be sold by a merchant)  

Theories of Liabilities / Causes of Actions
a.          Negligence(§ B - pp. 2 - 3)
                                                                           i.      Introduction                                                                           ii.      Elements Standard of Care

                                                                        iii.      Forms of Proof of Negligence                                                                         iv.      Defenses to Negligence

b.        Breach of Warranty (§ C - pp. )

                                                                           i.      Express Warranty 1.       Elements
2.       Generally
3.       Fact v. Opinion
4.       Defenses to Express Warranty
5.       Waiver of Express Warranty

                                                                          ii.      Implied Warranty of Merchantability 1.       Elements
2.       Generally
3.       UCC § 2-314
4.       Disclaimers of Implied Warranty of Merchantability 5.       Product Malfunction Doctrine and Merchantability 6.       Defenses to Implied Warranty of Merchantability                                                                         iii.      Implied Warranty of Fitness for Particular Purpose 1.       Elements

2.       Generally
3.       Miscellaneous Applications
4.       Defenses to Implied Warranty of Fitness

                                                                        iv.      Parties and Privity 1.       Vertical
2.       Horizontal

c.        Strict Liability(§ D - pp. )

                                                                           i.      Elements                                                                           ii.      Generally                                                                         iii.      Reasons for SL                                                                         iv.      Test for Determining Defect

d.        Strict Liability vs. Negligence (§ E - pp. )  
Types of Claims / Defects brought under PL Law (pp. )
e.        Manufacturing Defect (§ F - pp. )
                                                                           i.      Generally                                                                           ii.      Advantages over Design Defect claims                                                                         iii.      Types of Manufacturing Defects                                                                         iv.      Type of Evidence Required                                                                           v.      Malfunction Doctrine                                                                         vi.      Quality Control f.         Design Defect (§ G - pp. )

                                                                           i.      Generally                                                                           ii.      Typical Cases                                                                         iii.      Ways of Proving Defect                                                                         iv.      Manufacturer's Hierarchy of Duty Regarding Design                                                                           v.      Tests for Design Defect                                                                         vi.      Expert Testimony Required g.        Crashworthiness(§ H - pp. )

                                                                           i.      Generally                                                                           ii.      Definition of...
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