Production of Paper Making from an Eggshell (Gallus Domisticus)

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As of now, our country is facing a great crisis in economy. The researchers find out that one of the problems of our country is the decreasing of trees. Therefore, the researchers decided to make a partial solution of our trees. We will make a paper from an eggshell (GALLUS DOMISTICUS) to conserve trees. One of the big problems of our country now, is the decreasing of the trees because of illegal logging. These result calamities such as soil erosion, landslide and flashfloods. Background of the study

Paper is a pulp that came from a tree by means of a mechanical process where manufacturing occur. As a substitute raw material we intend to make a paper from an eggshell and recycle paper as a mixture to consider as our raw material pulp.

Paper from an eggshell and a recycle paper will undergo the following processes in making a paper. Its basis weight properties, strength of individual, arranged length and the bounding ability of the fibers, the optical properties and the paper grades are their most important characteristics, which lend themselves to the wide application in industries such as in communication, food, school, and all the other companies that encounters the use of paper.

Paper from an eggshell and a recycle paper production affects also its production due to the availability of raw materials. But on our study the availability of overwhelming, thus, its gathering of raw materials especially the eggshells is an important consideration.

Statement of the problem
The researchers conducted this to determine the possibility of making a quality paper. a) Can eggshells be an alternative source in making a paper? b) Can eggshell produce a quality paper?

-a) Eggshells can be an alternative source in making a paper. -b) Yes, it can produce a quality paper.

Significance of the...
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