Product and Service Classifications

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MARKETING ESSAYS 236 – Product and service classifications Products and services wide range, whether for personal use or business. Tangible, intangible. Depend on function they serve. Can be raw, unfinished or final goods. Generally classified depending on domestic use (final) or conducting business (further processes) Organisation, person, place and idea (IS) marketing OPPI

Organisation marketing - Activities to sell the org
Create, change, maintain the attitudes and behaviour s of target consumers toward an organisation Business firms sponsor PUBLIC RELATIONS or CORPORATE IMAGE advertising campaigns to improve image or market themselves to publics and stakeholders.

Helps to market for free in media and improve investment confidence and improve sales from getting publicity

Person marketing – Used to build reputation of people – recognised/business people. Create, change, maintain attitudes towards specific people. Make use of well- known people to represent products to help them sell. Eg Bic razors with Tendai Mtawowira aka “the Beast” Skillful marketing can turn person’s name into a powerhouse brand. Eg Donald Trump and his self- titled products.
Place marketing –
Create, change, maintain attitudes toward specific places from local to international. Places are competing against each other for tourism business. Eg Tomorrow land in Belgium and Ibiza in Spain both well- known party places of the world.

Ideas marketing and social marketing can be general or specific The diffusion of notions which help market a product or service. It is more than advertising, it encourages the broad range use of marketing tools = all marketing strategies Like advertising that Colgate toothpaste is number 1  Part of this marketing is social marketing – process of planning campaigns that influence individual’s behaviour...
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