Problems in Higher Education in India

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7 Problems with Higher Education in India
Razib Ahmed August 16, 2006
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One of the key factors behind Indian success in outsourcing is the fact that India could produce thousands of graduates who are skilled in English language. Indian universities are often thought of to be among the best in the world and it is a reality that many Indians are working in the major international companies around the world. However, all is not well with the Indian education sector. I just read an excellent article of Kaushik Basu, Professor of economics, Cornell University in BBC News. ' India's faltering education system'- this is the title of this article. I would strongly recommend you to read this article. Here, Professor Basu has stated some of the problems faced by Indian education system. Based on this article and some research done by me, I am discussing some of the major problems of higher education in India. 1. Quality vs quantity: In terms of quantity, India is quite impressive. Every year, India is producing 2.5 million graduates and this figure is just after US and China. However, in terms of quality India is falling behind than the developed world. In fact, many of the graduates cannot find job as they are not up to the mark.

2. Research: This is one area; Indian universities are still far behind than US universities. In fact, many of meritorious scholars from India go to US in the hope of having good research facilities.

3. Poor salary: Teaching is an ill paid job in India. As a result, many brilliant students are not coming to teaching. Some Indian teachers and scholars are migrating to the western countries for better facilities.

4. Study Science: These days most students in India want to study engineering and business. As a result, good students are not interested to study in Humanities subjects.
5. Poor funding: India is not a rich country and naturally Indian government cannot afford to provide a lot of money for the...
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