Principles of Management

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In this modern world a manager must be a person who has the highest responsibilities in the organization. A manager must have 5 basic functions like organizing, planning, controlling, staffing and directing. A good manager should be able to do the following things: •Coach

Motivate employees
Resource allocating
World is changing very fast, it means in development of resources and bringing new technologies so as world changes peoples changes too , their life standard and almost everything is changing day by day. So in this changing environment a manager should be able to handle and control all the changes happening in all around the organization. It can be either internally or externally. In addition to that having a good communication between employees or throughout the organization is a very important thing in now a days. There are many different ways which can be communicated like emails, Facebook, text messages etc. having a good communication skill with the manager is a very important skill that a manager must have. Because as manager is the head of the company he/she must be a good example to others. In any circumstances a manager should be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with anyone. A good and quality manager has to be flexible to any changes in the outside of the company. A company may loss market for a product, at this time he should be able to flexible to shift and take necessary steps. He will be dynamic to cope any uncertainty, ambiguity or threats any time they approach. The true manager should be flexible and adaptable. He is able to react quickly when facing any obstacles. Stress shouldn’t be a factor to prevent him from taking the right decisions. Now a days there are lot of competition in every industry. It’s very difficult survive if managers are not aware of the changes happen in internally and externally. Manager must be able to handle the risks and should be able to face even the problems patiently in an efficient way. Manager should be confident of himself by managing the risks. When new competitors enters the market manager should be aware about it very carefully and should make the employees aware too. He/she should provide information’s about the new competitor or the new product which enters the market. He/she should couch his employees and explain them how to deal with such issues. Most of the times such businesses fails because they couldn’t make the right decision at the right time. For an effective business a manager should be able to make such decisions willingly for the best. Some manager couldn’t make proper decisions when they have to take it, it’s an important skill that a manager should have. He/she should have the knowledge and the ability to take decision in any circumstances.

Management is the process of reaching the organization goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. (cyryx college notes ), different people says different definitions on management like Harold Koontz said that “Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups.” Theo Haimann and William Scott says that “Management is a social and technical process which utilizes, resources, influences, human action and facilitates changes in order to accomplish organizational goals” But administration is the process of planning and creating the policies to achieve the targeted goals. It also means that formulation of broad objectives, plans and policies.

Administration consists of top level such as CEO, CHAIR MAN etc. where as Management consists of middle level example HR manager, department managers etc.

Administration sets the target and the goals to achieve. In other words administration decides what to do and when it has to be done. They set goals and the period of time the goals should be achieved.

Management decides who should do it and how it has...
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