Preventive Stress Management Methods

Topics: Management, Time management, Personal life Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: May 18, 2012
Discuss one of the eight individual preventive stress management methods that you have used (or would use) and how it has helped (or would help) you cope with stress. Discuss the impact on your performance at school or work.

As noted on page 118 of our text discussing difficult experiences with other is not always easy (Nelson, Quick). Out of the eight individual stress management methods I often use Time Management coupled with Positive Thinking. In my current role as well as personal life they go hand-in-hand. Recently, I had to fly across country for a personal matter and this greatly affected my school as well as work life balance. In both roles of my life I need to be incredibly organized and comprehensive. Therefore, I went into immediate action emailing Professors and speaking with them as well, in this way I setup a plan for success which will keep my grades and G.P.A up and job. Most often communication assists with time management as well as a positive attitude. Praising myself and setting attainable goals often helps me to keep going (116). The pressure to turn assignments in on time coupled with work-related assignments is a major stress in my life. So, I stay focused by taking mini walking breaks. As an example, on my lunch break I walk and eat a healthy juice shake. This way I get fresh air and feel better with my body kept in shape and circulation flowing. Another facet of the time management method I use is excel, I use this application to chart my projects and keep them organized. My goals are kept intact and my desire to strive for excellence is kept.
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