Preventing Chemical Accidents

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Hazard analysis, Safety engineering Pages: 6 (4305 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Preventing Chemical Accidents Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis First Edition Process Safety Management Training from the NJ Work Environment Council EMBED PBrush This material was produced under grant SH-17813-08-60-F-34 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. It does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Labor, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government. This curriculum is revised from materials originally developed by the United Steelworkers Tony Mazzocchi Center for Safety, Health, and Environmental Education and produced by the Steelworkers Charitable and Educational Organization, funded in whole or in part with funds from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor (grant number SH-16632-07-60-F-42). Table of Contents About WECii Preventing Chemical Accidentsiii The Small Group Activity Methodiv The Factsheet Reading Methodvi Activity Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis1 Task 12 Task 2 13 Evaluation21 About WEC The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is a non-profit collaboration of organizations working for safe, secure jobs, and a healthy, sustainable environment. Visit WECs website at For more information about WEC programs and services, contact Rick Engler, Director New Jersey Work Environment Council 142 West State Street - Third Floor, Trenton, NJ 08608-1102 Telephone (609) 695-7100 Fax (609) 695-4200 E-mail HYPERLINK Preventing Chemical Accidents Unexpected releases of highly hazardous toxic, reactive, or flammable chemicals create the possibility of a disaster for workers, employers, and communities. OSHAs Process Safety Management Standard helps prevent accidental releases of highly hazardous chemicals, thus protecting employees, as well as plant neighbors. Effective worker training about PSM helps achieve safer, healthier, and more productive workplaces. In New Jersey, PSM regulates approximately 100 facilities, including certain chemical plants, oil refineries, food processors, electric utilities, warehouses, and public and private sector water and sewage treatment operations. PSM may also cover other types of facilities. PSM has special provisions for contractors working in covered facilities. WECs training curriculum covers key aspects of the PSM standard. Training introduces the concept of systems of safety and accident prevention and why facilities should establish an organizational structure to oversee PSM implementation. WEC addresses OSHAs performance-based requirements for a plant mechanical integrity program. Training also covers accident, incident, and near-miss investigations, focusing on root causes. WEC also can provide training on related subjects, such as the New Jersey Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act (TCPA), employer and worker/union rights to participate during OSHA and TCPA inspections, and development of effective labor-management safety and health committees. For more information, contact Denise Patel, PSM Outreach Coordinator WEC, 142 West State St, Third Floor Trenton, NJ 08608 Call (609) 695-7100, Extension 305 Fax (609) 695-4200 E-Mail The Small Group Activity Method Basic Structure The Small Group Activity Method is based on a series of problem-solving activities. An activity can take from 45 minutes to an hour. Each activity has a common basic structure Small Group Tasks Report-Back Summary 1. Small Group Tasks The training always begins with groups working together at their tables. Each activity has a task, or set of tasks, for the groups to work on. The task asks that the groups use their experience and the factsheets to solve problems and make judgements on key issues. 2. Report-Back For each task, the group...
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