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1.Extinct genus of hominids
2.Lived in South Africa
3.Lived about 3.3 to 2.1 million years ago
4.Had large brains
5.Had small teeth
6.walked bipedally
7.Discovered 1924
8.Average Height for male is 4ft 6in.
9.Female Average height is 3ft 9in.
10.Male average weight is 90 pounds
11.Female average weight is 66 pounds
12.they ate fruit, nuts ,and eggs
13.Oldest known early human
14.First found was named Lucy
15.Looked like apes
Neanderthal Man
1.Closest extinct human relative
2.Look similar to modern day humans
3.They had wide noses
4.Said to have red hair and light skin
5.Lived in nuclear families
6.Likely they had a language
7.They had stone tools
8.Could control fire
9.Could have built boats
10.They were carnivores
11.Cooked vegetables
12.They are extinct
13.Was found in the Neander Valley
14.Found in 1829
15.Over 400 Neanderthals have been found.
Cro Magnon
1.Early Modern Humans
2.Robustly Built And Powerful
3.Body was Heavy
4.Found in France
5.Did cave paintings
6.About 5ft 7in to 5ft 9in
7.Large cranial Capacity
8.Could Speak
9.Had Flint tools
10.Hunted with spears
11.Ate mammoths
12.Painted Pictures
13.Discovered 1868
14.Lived in Caves
15.About 30,00 years old

1.Prehistoric Period of Human History
2.Primitive stone Tools
3.Humans Grouped together
4.Created early art
5.Did Burials
6.Had rituals
7.Had warm and cool temperatures
8.Had boats
9.Had nets
10.Used lunar calendars
1.Aka Epipaleolithic
3.Started cities
4.Many different cultures
5.AkA Middle stone age
6.Short amount of time
7.Started Agriculture
8.Had megafaun
9.Was warm
10.Ate seafood
1.Means A load of old Cobblers
2.Started farming
3.Had celeriac
4.Had pottery
5.Had territories
6.Copper metallurgy introduced
7.Had religion
8.Animal skin clothes
9.Trained animals
10.Shared food

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