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An Introduction to PowerPoint 2007
Version 1.0

What’s New in PowerPoint 2007?
PowerPoint 2007 is very different from previous versions of the program. The table below gives you an overview of what to expect. Table 1: What’s New in PowerPoint 2007

New user interface
Live Preview
Create a custom layout
Presenter view
Save as PDF
Digital Signature
Allows you to preview how a formatting change will look before applying it. Simply point to the selection on the Ribbon or Mini Toolbar and PowerPoint 2007 shows you a preview of what your presentation would look like if the selected changes were applied. Themes, which replace the design templates found in previous versions of PowerPoint, let you change the overall look and feel of a presentation in just a few clicks. Using PowerPoint 2007, you can create and save a custom presentation layout. Use multiple monitors to provide one view for the presenter and another for the audience. The presenter has access to upcoming slides, timing, and speaker notes, while the audience sees only the full view of the slide. Now you can save a presentation as a PDF without using third-party software. PDF format allows you to share your presentation with users on any platform. This feature requires an add-in. Adding a digital signature to a presentation prevents inadvertent changes, ensuring that your content cannot be altered. Getting used to the new results-oriented user interface (UI) is the most noticeable change in PowerPoint 2007. Traditional menus and toolbars have been replaced by the Ribbon, a single mechanism that makes all the commands needed to perform a task readily available.

XML compatibility
The new PowerPoint XML format (.pptx) is much smaller in file size and makes it easier to recover damaged or corrupted files. Files based on XML have the potential to be more robust and integrated with information systems...
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