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Topics: International trade, International economics, Trade Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: May 4, 2012
For your final, I will chose questions from this list”

1) Can a country have a trade deficit forever?

2) Use national demand and supply curves to show
(a)the incentives for trade to begin between nations.
(b)the effect on the likely pattern of trade of a change in technology in A that causes A's national supply curve to shift out.
(c)the effect on the likely pattern of trade of a change in tastes in B in favor of good S.

3) Given the input-output relationships in the table below:


(a)Which country has absolute advantage in which good and why?
(b)Which country has comparative advantage in which good and why?
(c)If A is endowed with 8000 hours of labor, how much X will it produce after trade begins? How much Y? Explain.
(d)What is the allowable range on A's wages relative to B's if trade is flowing between these two countries according to comparative advantage?

4) Compare and contrast the classical and HO theories of international trade.

5) Compare and contrast the predictions of the Heckscher-Ohlin and classical models about likely trading partners of various countries with the predictions of the Linder hypothesis.

6) Tariffs can never raise a country's standard of living. True or false? Explain carefully.

7) Why do countries impose protection even if it lowers economic welfare? Explain fully.

8) Briefly describe some of the current policies the United States has in place to limit both fairly and unfairly traded goods.

9) Why is NAFTA controversial? Briefly describe both sides of this controversy.

10) What is immizerizing growth? Describe how it could happen and give at least one cited historical example.

11) Suppose an investor has the choice of buying a bond in Germany paying 5% interest in euros or else buying a similar bond in the United States paying 5% interest in U.S. dollars. If the exchange rate today is 0.87 euros per dollar, what would the...
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