Pol 101

Topics: Public policy, Right-to-work law, Lobbying Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Chapter 10
1.Which of the following is NOT typical of American interest groups? Correct Answer: They run their own slate of candidates for office in many parts of the country. 2. According to hyperpluralist theorists, which of these is NOT a result the America’s interest-group politics? Correct Answer: Budgets are characterized by fiscal discipline since each group acts as a watchdog over the others 3.Pluralists argue that lobbying

Correct Answer: is open to all and is therefore not to be regarded as a problem. 4.Which of the following statements about the elite-theory perspective on groups is FALSE? Correct Answer: Elite theorists believe groups provide an effective check on elite power. 5.Interest-group liberalism is promoted through networks of Correct Answer: subgovernments.

6.Subgovernments are composed of key interest-group leaders interested in policy X, the government agency in charge of administering policy X, and the ________ handling policy X. Correct Answer: ongressional committees and subcommittees

7.The free-rider problem refers to
Correct Answer: potential members of a group failing to join the actual group, as they know they will receive the same benefits whether they are active members or not. 8.Single-issue groups
Answer: include members with narrow, uncompromising interests. 9.Which of the following is NOT one of the basic interest-group strategies in America? Correct Answer: Running candidates for office

10.One of the most common functions of lobbyists is to
Correct Answer: provide information and ideas to members of Congress. 11. Many interest groups involve themselves in ________ to help get those they consider to be the right people into office or to keep them there. Answer: electioneering

12. Most PAC money goes overwhelmingly to incumbents because incumbents Correct Answer: are the most likely to be able to return the investment. 13.Class-action lawsuits
Correct Answer:...
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