Topics: Psychology, Learning, Scientific method Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: October 26, 2014
PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY HMEMS80 Name and Surname Student number TABLE OF CONTENTS Description Page PART 1 Declaration of authenticity PART 2 2.1Reflection on formative assessment 2.2Weekly self-reflections 2.3Reflection on the value of research PART 3 Research Proposal PART 4 Portfolio of evidence checklist PART 1 DECLARATION OF AUTHENTICITY I,_______________________________________________Full name/s and surname Student number__________________________________________ declare that I am the author of this Portfolio of Evidence for HMEMS80. I further declare that the entire Portfolio of Evidence is my own, original work and that where I used other information and resources, I did so in a responsible manner. I did not plagiarise in any way and have referenced and acknowledged any resources that I consulted and used to complete this portfolio according to the requirements of the APA style of referencing. By signing this declaration I acknowledge that I am aware of what plagiarism is, and the consequences thereof. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I am aware of UNISAs policy on plagiarism and understand that if there is evidence of plagiarism within this document, UNISA will take action. Date_____________________________________ Place_____________________________________ Signature_________________________________ (provide an electronic signature or type your name and surname again) PART 2 2.1 Reflection on formative assessment Reflection on learning in Assignment 01 Write a clear and logical description of Errors that you have made, areas of content that you experienced difficulty with and areas that were pointed out that could be improved. Clearly indicate what you have learnt from the feedback and how you used the feedback in your learning. Specifically mention what you did to address the feedback or correct errors that you have made and indicate which specific module resources helped you...
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