Pmi Table of Tyler's and Skilbeck's Curriculum Models

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Week Two Task One:
Compare the main aspects of Tyler’s Curriculum Cycle model as typical of prescriptive models, with Skilbeck’s Situational Analysis model, as a typical descriptive model. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each model. You could do this as a PMI (Plus, Minus and Interesting). Curriculum is an expression for education ideas (Prideaux, D., 2003). Many definitions, models and theories of curriculum have been put forward by many academics, to assist with curriculum development and to understand the context of curriculum. In order to place order on the process of designing a curriculum, curriculum models were developed and supported by curriculum designers. The models of curriculum development falls in to two main categories, the models that prescribe what teachers should do and models that describe what teachers should do. Tyler’s curriculum cycle was developed based on the concepts of analyse, design, implement and evaluate (Marsh C., 2008) and is a typical example of a perspective model. A sound example of the descriptive model, would be Skilbeck’s “situational analysis model”, which he developed on the basis that curriculum planning is influenced by external and internal factors, of the environment in which it will be implemented.

Curriculum Models
The objective model -Ralph Tyler (1949)
Is also known as content driven model.
Most influential of all perspective models.
This model is based on the concepts of:
-Implement and
(Marsh C., 2008)

Logical and Rational
A clear guide or blue print is given, that clearly states the aims, experiences and outcomes. Easy to follow as the objectives are clearly stated.
Can be assessed easily- Flexibility is given to the teacher in lesson planning and assessment. Accountable

Does not specify where the objects come from.
The differences in experiences, assumptions and values may result in teachers facing Differences in...
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