PLTW Intro to Engineering Final Study Guide

Topics: Cartesian coordinate system, Dimension, Analytic geometry Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Aesthetic- 1. Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. 2. Of pleasing appearance. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Arbitration- The hearing and determination of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them. Asymmetry- Symmetry in which both halves of a composition are not identical. Also referred to as informal balance. Cabinet Pictorial- Oblique pictorial where depth is represented as half scale compared to the height and width scale. Cartesian Coordinate System- A rectangular coordinate system created by three mutually perpendicular coordinate axes, commonly labeled X, Y, and Z. Cavalier Pictorial- Oblique pictorial where height, width, and depth are represented at full scale. Center Line- A line which defines the center of arcs, circles, or symmetrical parts. Centroid- A 3D point defining the geometric center of a solid. Circumscribe- 1. A triangle located round a polygon such as a circle. 2 To draw a figure around another, touching it at points but not cutting it. Construction Line- lightly drawn lines to guide drawing other lines and shapes. Depth- The measurement associated with an object’s front-to-back dimension or extent of something from side to side. Dimension- A measurable extent, such as the three principal dimensions of an object is width, height, and depth. Ellipse- A regular oval shape, traced by a point moving in a plane so that the sum of its distances from two other points is constant, or resulting when a cone is cut by an oblique plane which does not intersect the base. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Ergonomics- the study of workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices, machines, or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently. Extension Line- Line which represents where a dimension starts and stops. Fillet- A curve formed at the interior intersection...
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