Plant Diversity Study Guide

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Study Sheet for Plant Diversity

List the characteristics of land plants.
Terms you should be using in that list: multicellular, eukaryotes, cuticles, photoautotrophic,cellulose, vascular tissue (most have but not all), protection of the embryo, alternation of generations lifecycle.

All plants are thought to have evolved from a green algal- like ancestor. The first land plants evolved approximately ____________ million years ago.

Alternation of Generations lifecycle. Label the diagram below with the terms listed in the box

Haploid multicellular form (HF)
Diploid multicellular form (DF)
Gametes (egg + sperm)



Being able to diagram the lifecycle will help you answer many questions such as…

In plants through what process are spores always formed? ____________ (mitosis, meiosis, or fertilization) Plant spores are ___________. (Use either haploid or diploid) Do all plants form spores?

Plant spores grow into a multicellular ________ (haploid or diploid) form that will later form gametes. In plants, gametes are formed by ____________. (Use either mitosis or meiosis) Gametes are _________. (Use either haploid or diploid)

Do all major groups of plants form gametes?
Zygotes are always formed by the process of __________________. Zygotes (single cells) and Embryos (multicellular) are always ____ . (haploid or diploid) All land plants protect their newly formed embryos. This isnecessary because when they first are formed embryos can’t prevent loss of water and they would quickly dry up and die without protection. Embryos always grow into a multicellular ________ (haploid or diploid) form that will later form_______ (gametes or spores) by _________________ (process?).

What is the first cell type formed in the haploid generation? ___________

Alternation of Generation =
Haploid form fertilization Diploid form Meiosis...
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