Plain Indians

Topics: Plains Indians, Great Plains, Cheyenne Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: December 18, 2012
When the people were hunting they lived in teepees. The teepee always faced east. The outside of the teepee was decorated with paintings of animals, stars, or other objects. To build the teepee the women took long sticks and stuck them in the ground in the form of a circle. They leaned the poles together at the top. The poles were fastened with hides. The poles were covered with buffalo hides.  Two longer poles were attached to the top corners. c.The Indians had little bit of furniture. Their beds were made from buffalo robes, skins with the hair left on. They also had back rests. Food, clothes, and belongings were stored in parfleches. A parfleche was a pouch made of buffalo. d.. They also built wigwams. The wigwams protected the teepee from rotting. The wigwam was used to store food.

A)The plain Indians had many religions. There are polytheisms. Animist was important to the Plains Indians life. They believe that all thing possessed spirits. Their worship was focus on a main god in the Sioux language which is called Wakan Tanka (the Great Spirit). B)They believe if they worship this god they will become stronger. All spirits were worship daily. They would gather in groups to pray. The most important group ceremony in the Sun Dance. The people danced for four days around a sacred object. The pow wow is a time for people to get together and participate in singing, dancing, feasting, praying, visiting and storytelling. 1) Some other dances -

·Grass Dance (Sioux)
·Traditional Dance
(dancers wore a U-shaped bustle made of feathers;
and colorful beaded outfits.)
·Straight Dance and Round Dance
·Victory Dance
·Hunting Dance
·Jingle Dance
V)Before 1763
a.“The French explorer Claude Charles Du Tisne found 300 horses among the Wichita on the Verdigris River in 1719, but they were still not plentiful. Another Frenchman, Bourgmont, could only buy seven at a high price from the Kaw in 1724, further indicating that horses...
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