PHY 112 Lab 1

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Specific heat capacity Pages: 3 (480 words) Published: August 10, 2014

Calorimetry Lab Report

Waris Butt
PHY 112
Mr. Fasciano
Class #18336


Heat flow will occur between objects in contact until no more heat flow is detectable. Using calorimetry to analyze heat flow quantitatively and the equation: Q = mc ΔT, to determine the specific heat capacity of an object and heat flow from or to an object; respectively.


Circle K 44 oz Styrofoam cup with lid
Large Plastic Harkins Theater cup
Boiling pot
Metal object (silver coin used)


The Circle K 44 oz Styrofoam cup was first used to create a calorimeter, using the lid to reduce heat loss and a hole within the lid to put thermometer in. The metal object was then put into boiling water for 5 minutes, making sure to measure the temperature of the water. A known mass of room temperature water was put into the created calorimeter and the temperature was measured. The hot metal object, in this case a silver coin, was then put in the Styrofoam cup calorimeter and then the temperature was recorded once the system came to thermal equilibrium. The data was inputted into Microsoft Excel and used then to calculated specific heat of the metal object.

Data/ Calculations:

Calorimetry Data
Boiling water Temperature (°C)
Mass of silver coin (g)
Mass of water (g)

Calorimetry Calculation
Final Temperature (°C) “Tfinal”
Initial Temperature (°C) “Tinitial”
ΔT = Tfinal - Tinitial
Mass of Silver coin (g) “m”
Heat capacity of water (cal/°C)
Heat Flow (Joules) "Q"
Heat capacity of Silver (cal/°C)
Calculated heat capacity (cal/°C)


The metal object used was a Silver coin “m”, weighing 5.5 grams. Looking at charts online the specific heat of silver “c” was found to be 0.057 cal/°C. ΔT was determined by subtracting Tfinal from Tinitial and was 74.8°C....

References: Metals - Specific Heats. (n.d.). Metals - Specific Heats. Retrieved June 8, 2014, from
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