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Animals and Humans
What are animals for?
* We have a list of reasons why animals and Humans are different * Humans are biologically similar in some ways to animals * This is why animals are used in scientific research.
Genesis 1v24-26 and Luke 12v6 talks about how Christians view animals and humans How should we treat animals?
* Different religions give different guidance on how to treat animals * Christians say that humans must care for animals but they are for their use (see verse above) * Hindu’s believe animals should be respected to the extreme that cow are treated like surrogate mothers. All Hindu’s are vegetarian Ways that humans can use animals

1. Hunting
2. Fur for clothing
3. Work
4. Fox hunting
5. Animal testing for medicines
6. Animal fight for entertainment
7. Breeding for profit
8. Killing for food
Do animals have rights?
* The term animal rights was first used in 1892
* There are now hundreds of animal rights organisations that seek to protect animals * They believe that animal have the right to live as nature intended, not to be exploited or harmed Rights

Animal right campaigners say that animal s have a dignity and have the same rights as humans to be free from cruelty and exploitation Many believe it is wrong to farm animals, use them for experiments or entertainment | Peaceful| Violent|

Who was it?|| |
Who were they working for?| PETA| |
What happened?| Abi Izzard changed her name to the one above in an act of trying to raise awareness of damaged caused to geese by the making of foir gras.| | Religious Responses to animals in captivity

Religions would accept, provided that the conditions animals were kept in were good and not subject to cruelty. Religious responses to animal’s cruelty:
* RSPCA: Set up by a Christians to prevent cruelty to animals * Assisi Declarations: In this meeting, leaders from each religion made statements about how people should act responsibly for the welfare on the Earth, including animals. Religious Beliefs in Animals

* Ahimsa combined with belief in rebirth and the Braham dwells in all life, means that harming any living being is the same as harming one's friend or family. * Animals are highly respected and reverenced. The cow is the most scared with retirement homes for the elderly cows. * Hindu’s are vegetarian because of Ahimsa. However it is recognised that there are times when there is no choice but to harm and animal Christianity

* Animals are part of Go's creation and should not be harmed. * however there is a statement in the creation story where man is to bring the earth 'under control' * this has led in the past to exploitation and Christians today do not think this was the intention * as stewards of creation they should protect not exploit, threatening the extinction of species * they would be against factory farming, the fur trade, inhumane hunting and vivisection and experimentation for cosmetic for example * the RSPCA started as a Christian response to animal cruelty * could mention Noah as a role model man's duty to protect the species * Proverbs 12: a virtuous man looks after the his beasts

* Some Christians ado see man as different to animals as man has a soul, God breathed life in to Adam Buddhism
* Buddhists are committed to non violence
* It is very important to protect all living things
* “All things should be happy and at one” Metta Sutra * It is left to the Buddhist conscience whether they are vegetarians or not and most are * “There is a striking similarity between extermination of a wild animal for fun and termination the life of an innocent fellow human being”-Assisi Islam

* Cruelty is forbidden
* Humans should respect animals
* Hunting is allowed for food but not for pleasure
* Animals experimentation is allowed for essential medical...
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