Phi-112 Chapter 12 Answers

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Human rights Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1 December 2012

Answers to Chapter 12 questions

1. Privacy is one of those moral principles that have different values to different people (unlike, say, honesty, which is vitally important to everyone.) How would you rank privacy among your own values? Privacy is value that has high importance among my values. The right to my own privacy and respecting the privacy of others. Why? Humans may be social creatures, but privacy is what allows us to be an individual. As the study guide states “The protection of privacy is essential for the individual to develop character, personality, singularity, and strength as an individual”. Personally, I’m less of a social creature than others. I enjoy my time alone and I enjoy my privacy, even if that is privacy of thought. I also believe others should be provided the same right to privacy. Even those in high profile positions such as movie stars, etc. These people should have the right to go into public and expect to not be bothered. What Ethical Tradition is most reflective of your position? Moral Tradition. Why? I believe that everyone has the right to privacy. That privacy is universally good and the violation of privacy is bad.

2. What is the value of the free press? The free press acts as a check and balance system to liberty and freedom. It is the expression of those values. As long as we have the free press we will know that we have freedoms. In relation to the chapter, the value of the free press is shown through the investigation of Joe Valentine, whom was running for a public position. I agree with Jeff Greenfield when he says that the candidate is the biggest idiot that ever walked the face of the earth when he was spending the night, presumably having an affair with Debbie Spice. Can you imagine living in a country with no newspapers, TV, or newsmagazines? I can, but it would be undesirable. Suppose you had to defend our protection of freedom of the press to someone...
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