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Facility Management: An interdisciplinary field primarily devoted to the maintenance and care of large commercial or institutional buildings, such as office complexes, university campuses, research labs, convention centers and manufacturing buildings. Integrated Facility Management: The delivery of all or most Facility Management services by a single service provider who has broad accountability for service and cost performance. Key Performance Indicators: The measurements used to track performance of a Service Provider and to determine incentive payments for good performance. Service Provider: External organizations that can provide Integrated Facility Management services for building owners. The Service Provider may sub-contract some services to vendors.

The main role of facilities management consultants is to oversee the safe, secure and environmentally sound operations of a business' assets. They try to ensure that everything in a building runs smoothly without any problems. They will also aim to carry out all of their tasks in the most efficient and cost effective way. This will benefit the company greatly as they will absorb fewer costs and maybe even become more energy efficient. The reason people employ facilities management companies is so they don't have to worry about all the things they shouldn't need to, which in turn will allow them to just focus on the main functions of the business. A facilities management company will also know how to best deal with things like electricity and so on and will be able to preserve the assets running life for as long as possible.

1. Identify the current facilities
2. Conduct a FPI survey-  
How well is the resort’s Facilities portfolio in alignment with the company’s strategic direction and focus? What is the resort’s facilities inventory, square footage, and building ownership costs? How efficiently do your facilities operate?

3. Suggest Valued added/ special FM services
4. Fees
5. Cost benefit analysis
6. Resort FM HR + Chart

Assume median wage of blue collar worker in Malaysia: US$900, S$1100, RM2200 per month Assume median wage of white collar worker in Malaysia: US$2000, S$2400, RM4800 per month Exchange rate:
1USD= 3.0316MYR, 1MYR= 0.32986USD
1SGD=2.4540MYR, 1 MYR=0.40750

RETROFIT COST-20% of original building

Themes of resorts & types of suggestions:
300,000 tourists in 2006, Cost: Avg. 25% of U.S.
Mainly cosmetic surgery and alternative medicine
1 Joint Commission International accreditation

Sungai Klah Hot Springs Resort Malaysia:
Water reflexology that you can walk barefoot along the hot stream of water that is covered with small stones.

Most visited medical tourism destination by UK patients, attracting 8.5% of all UK medical tourists. The country has excellent hospitals, English is widely spoken, and many staff has been trained to a high level in the UK or in the US. There is a highly active Association for Private Hospitals of Malaysia working to develop medical tourism. However, while Malaysia has a national accreditation healthcare scheme (MSQH), many of Malaysia's hospitals are currently firmly on the way to achieving international healthcare accreditation.

1. Organic Restaurants
a. Conversion of lobby areas or existing facilities
b. Collect rent- monthly lease of 15000MYR

2. Theme Parks
a. Collaborating with theme parks nearby

3. Swimming/Beach Activities
a. Dependant on location
b. Pools or beach facilities- Collect rent from water sports equipments rental

4. Hiking on waterfalls and nature trails
a. Dependant on location
b. Hiring a guide to take families- 60MYR per pax. 20MYR per pax for hiker Assuming 5 person goes on hikes a day, 30*5*40=6000MYR

5. Energy efficiency
What: Go green by :
Looking @ green, sustainable buildings that fits GBI.
More greenery in environment
Rebranding to include concept of environmentally...
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