perspectives of psychology

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Perspectives of Psychology


Match the perspectives of psychology with their correct viewpoint.

1. C________ Biological Perspective

2. A________ Evolutionary Perspective

3. D_______ Psychodynamic Perspective

4. F_______ Behavioral Perspective

5. B_______ Humanistic Perspective

6. G________ Cognitive Perspective

7. E________ Sociocultural Perspective

A. Analyzes the relationship between natural selection and behavior and mental processes B. Focuses on personal growth, reaching our highest potential, and self-actualization C. Examines how physiology and biology interact with the environment to impact and determine our behavior and mental processes D. Holds that our unconscious processes determine our behaviors and how they are expressed in our personality E. Emphasizes the way that our behavior and mental processes are impacted by social and cultural components in our environment F. Believes that the field of psychology should focus on objective behaviors that are observable and measurable G. Stresses the importance of internal processes of thought that impact the way that we think, know, remember, reason, make decisions, and communicate

1.cognitive functioning. ___________________
2.A part of the brain that belongs to the limbic system and is responsible for processing new memories. ________________ The portion of the brain involved in intricate The part of the brain located in the temporal lobe that is responsible for our emotional response. ________________ 3.

4.A structure that is known to be a key relay station for sensory information. ________________ 5.An area of the cerebral cortex involved in organizing, controlling, directing, and performing motor functions. ________________ 6.A part of the brain located in the back of the cerebral cortex that 7.The part of the brain that is highly involved in the control of the autonomic nervous...
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