Personality and Achievement

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To investigate the perceptions of the students regarding general well being of students at higher secondary level. Well –being is a phrase that was first used shortly after 2nd world war and has, since ,then, been over used and in frequently defined. A concept analysis of well being (qualities of life)is presented to clarify the concept for future use .As such well being is an approach that emphasis the whole person, not just the biological organism. It is an active process through which you become aware of, and make choices that our hope will lead to a more fulfilling, more successful, more well –life. Well –being is the state of successful performance throughout the life course integrating physical, cognitive social and emotional functions. Well –being has been a pervasive and extensively research construct in psychology and education .This has given rise to a great diversity of definitions and model of well-being. Broadly well-being has been defined from two perspectives,

1. Clinical perspective
2. Psychological perspectives.
The clinical perspective defines well-being as the absence of negative conditions such as depression, distress, anxiety,or substance abuse. The psychological perspective has tended to operationalized well –being as the prevalence of positive self attributes. Psychological definitions of well-being generally include some of general characteristics .there are six characteristics of well being. These six characteristics of well-being are most relevant in definitions of well-being are ,Active pursuit of well-being, A balance of attributes, Positive effect or life satisfaction ,personal behavior, Multiple dimensions ,personal optimization. Well-being typically consists by a set of dimensions .They also typically describe adult or life span well-being, consider holistic rather than context specific well-being and provide a theoretical rather than a measurement frame work of well being. According to weisner (1998) well –being is...
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