Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

In order to fulfilling my dream and preparing for my work career, my target of studying abroad is to accept the professional courses’ training. And the program of management or some other subjects in business school would be my first choice.

There are three advantages for me to study Management.
First of all, character of Hard-working, the higher learning ability, and the strong interest of study made me ready for studying abroad. In undergraduate, I wonderfully complete my own professional courses. In addition, I have read many business books which I put this knowledge into practice. When I was a sophomore, I had applied for the national innovation project of College students. Under the teacher's guidance, we determined “Wuhan foreign language environment’s influence of international image” as project’s title. In the three months of study, I show my diligent and the project supervisor appointed me as the project manager who should gear of solid bilingual foundation, experience in translation, and contrastive study of English and Chinese language. In this project, we mainly reviewed the English signs and instructions in public places. And we made our efforts to improve the city language environment, enhance city image and grade.

Second, in order to prepare for the postgraduate study in business courses, I deliberately practice my communication skills, leadership ability and team cooperation ability in some social practices. In freshman summer vacation, I have returned to my hometown. With local friends, we organized a college student’s voluntary teaching program, hoping it could enrich the students' summer life through this activity, also wanting to try our ability to help local children. This event caused great repercussions in my hometown. Local students like me and my friends are happy to work with me. Besides, for as much as possible about the business aspects of knowledge, I also participated in extracurricular activities. As...
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