Performance Management

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Chapter 10—Performance Management and Appraisal


1.____ is the process of determining how well employees do their jobs relative to a standard and communicating that information to the employee. |a. |Employee development | |b. |Performance management | |c. |Process improvement | |d. |Performance appraisal |

2.Ultimately, performance management links organizational strategy to organizational |a. |culture. ***** | |b. |goal setting. | |c. |rewards. | |d. |results. |

3.Essentially, ____ identify what the organization is paying an employee to do. |a. |performance measures | |b. |job duties | |c. |job qualifications | |d. |expected performance levels |

4.Not all of an employee’s job duties are equally important. Performance appraisal systems can best take this into account by |a. |using results-oriented performance measures for the most important duties and behavior-based or trait-based measures for| | |the lesser-important duties. | |b. |measuring performance only for the most important duties. | |c. |using a critical incident method to measure employee performance. | |d. |weighting the more important duties more highly than the less important duties. |

5.At a large on-line catalog retail company, supervisors randomly listen in on calls handled by customer representatives to make sure that the customers are greeted politely, orders are taken accurately, order details are repeated to the customer, and that customers are thanked for their orders. This is a ____ -based type of performance information. |a. |Productivity | |b. |Trait | |c. |Results | |d. |Behavior |

6.Michael, the owner of a moving company, has developed a performance appraisal system for his customer representatives and truck drivers. He evaluates each of these employees on accuracy of weight estimates, meeting delivery deadlines, and dollar value of breakage. Michael’s performance appraisal system is ____ based. |a. |Trait...
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