Pdhpe- Medical Conditions for the Elderly

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Obesity Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Explain the sports participation options available for aged people with medical conditions

Physical activity is essential for adults and the elderly. Aged people need to continue to participate in physical activity to help improve the quality of life and reduce the risks associated with a variety of lifestyle diseases. Many aged people suffer from medical conditions such as heart conditions, fracture and bone density and flexibility and joint mobility. There are many sporting activities that aged people with these medical conditions can participate in such as swimming, aqua aerobics and walking.

Heart conditions are any disorder that affects the heart and are common in aged people as when people age their blood vessels lose elasticity, resting blood pressure while exercising increases, the heart may weaken, and maximum stroke volume decreases. Some aged athletes may have heart attacks or other heart related problems. For people suffering from heart conditions the following things must be taken into consideration before starting an physical activity; Pre screening is essential and work intensity needs to be lowered, warm up and cool downs should be used, avoid holding breath when exercising and exercise needs to build up gradually. Therefore sports that aged people with heart conditions should avoid include; Intense activities such as weights, press-ups and heavy lifting or digging and any exercise that causes chest pains or involves standing up quickly from the floor.

They could participate in regular aerobic exercise which can maintain or at least reduce the loss of cardiovascular functioning. Some ideas include brisk walking, swimming, golf, aerobics, cycling, walking the dog and water aerobics. By participating in these activities aged people will be able to lower blood pressure, reduce strain on the heart, may reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol that can form fatty deposits in the arteries and contribute to heart disease, improves circulation by...
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