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Topics: DNA, Protein, Gene Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 7, 2013
AP Biology Midterm Study Guide
Ecology, Biochemistry, Cells, Genetics, and Evolution
Midterm Date:

Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (60)

ElementDiffusionHomozygousLytic Cycle
CompoundIsotonicHeterozygousLysogenic Cycle
Atomic NumberTurgidWild typePlasmid
Mass NumberFlaccidMutantEvolution
IsotopeEndocytosis Sex-linkedTaxonomy
Covalent BondExocytosisNondisjunctionGradualism
Ionic BondPhagocytosisTrisomyHomologous
Hydrogen BondATP synthaseMonosomySpecies
HydrophilicFermentationHelicaseAdaptive Radiation
HydrophobicSomatic CellsTranscriptionPunctuated Equilibrium AcidGametesmRNA splicingAutotroph/ Heterotroph
DenaturationZygoteIntronsCarrying Capacity
Feedback InhibitionMeiosisMutationMutualism

1. Given the atomic number of an element, be able to determine the number of neutrons in two different isotopes. 2. Given the atomic number and mass number, be able to draw the electron configuration of an element. 3. Know which part of a water molecule is slightly positive, and which part is slightly negative. 4. Given the chemical formula, be able to determine if a compound is an acid or a base. 5. Know the structure of the various functional groups.

6. Know the names of the monomers and polymers for each of the four major groups of organic compounds. 7. Be familiar with the structure of DNA.
8. Know and be able to recognize the levels of protein structure (from primary structure to...
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