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Question 1
What (if any) concepts, methods, approaches or ideas do you think are common between the set readings for this week? What is not common?

“The paradox of a marketing planning capability”

The marketing planning capability is a skill to anticipate the shape of an uncertain future. It also is a skill to generate alternatives for operating effectively in changing environments. It is a skill to implement new plans rapidly and efficiently as well.

The marketing plan content, marketing planning capability, incidence of improvisation from marketing plan and firm performance relative to competitors consists of the conceptual model. To know how marketing planning capability relates to plan content and the effect of the marketing plan, there are two dimensions: comprehensiveness and budgeting approach. The more comprehensive the plan, the credibility and utilization and the inertia in the organization will be higher. A comprehensive marketing plan covers a broad range of topics, in a thorough and exhaustive manner. A rational budget directs resource allocation on sound economic principles. Post plan improvisation is improvisation after implementation of the plan has commenced and the performance is defined as profitability and brand equity, which over 5 years. The post plan improvisation relates to the extent to an organization acts and approved marketing plan. Unlearning is the most important factors in post plan improvisation, however, it is difficult. Planning, implementing, evaluating and evolving & improvising is the steps of post plan improvisation.

Method and analysis is quite important in this reading as well. There are three types of measures were used in methods: reflective multi-item measures, formative multi-item measures, and single-item measures.

“Management process in marketing planning”
Marketing planning decision making is used to pursue dynamic market opportunities and flexibility is quite important to the marketing planning....
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