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Topics: Resistor, Nuclear fission, Volt Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: October 10, 2013
1. Demonstrate an understanding of common electrostatic phenomena in terms of movement of electrons, including: b lightning 2. Explain how earthing removes excess charge by movement of Electrons 3. Explain some of the uses of electrostatic charges in everyday situations, including paint and insecticide sprayers 4. Describe how an ammeter is placed in series with a component to measure the current, in amps, in the component 5. Explain how current is conserved at a junction

6. Explain how the current in a circuit depends on the potential difference of the source 7. Describe how a voltmeter is placed in parallel with a component to measure the potential difference (voltage), in volts, across it 8. Demonstrate an understanding that potential difference (voltage) is the energy transferred per unit charge passed and hence that the volt is a joule per coulomb 9. Investigate the relationship between potential difference (voltage), current and resistance 10. Explain how changing the resistance in a circuit changes the current and how this can be achieved using a variable resistor 11. 2.8 Use the equation:

potential difference (volt, V) 5 current (ampere, A) 3 resistance (ohm, )
V 5 I 3 R
12. Demonstrate an understanding of how current varies with potential difference for the following devices:
a filament lamps
b diodes
c fixed resistors
13. Demonstrate an understanding of how the resistance of a lightdependent resistor (LDR) changes with light intensity 14. Demonstrate an understanding of how the resistance of a thermistor changes with change of temperature (negative temperature coefficient thermistors only) 15. Explain why, when there is an electric current in a resistor, there is an energy transfer which heats the resistor 16. Explain the energy transfer (in 2.12 above) as the result of collisions between electrons and the ions in the lattice 17. 2.14 Distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of the heating effect of an electric...
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