Outcomes of the Revolution

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Appendix C

Outcomes of the Revolution

Part 1

Complete the grid by describing each military event and explaining its relationship to the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

Military EventDescriptionRelationship to the Outcome of the Revolutionary War

Concord and Lexington
The first battle of the revolutionary war, fought on April 19th 1775. On secret orders the British army had orders to capture and destroy stores of ammunition concealed by the Colonists militia. The militia had heard about this order weeks before and successfully moved their stores and knew where and when the British would attack Since the Colonists were able to know ahead of time when and where the British would attack they were able to prepare minutemen that could be ready at a minutes notice, this helped the Colonists achieve their first victory against the British military.

Fort Ticonderoga
On May 1775 the Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold successfully seized Fort Ticonderoga from the British military. Cannons captured were transported to Boston which forced the British to abandon the city in1776.Caused British military to lose their strong hold with Fort Ticonderoga and leave the city.

Second Continental Congress
The second Continental Congress was a set of thirteen colonies that met on May 10 1775 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania who managed the war effort and writing the Declaration of Independence, writing treaties, appointing diplomats, organizing armies, and acting as the first formal government of the United States. The second Continental Congress slowly started to move the colonies towards independence from Britain and shaping the beginnings of the policies and law of the United States government.

Bunker Hill

The battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 1775 the Colonial forces learned that the British generals planned to send forces outside the city to the surrounding hills they decided to occupy Bunker Hill the British were alerted to their presence and launched a surprise attack after three assaults and heavy loses the British won and forced the colonial armies retreat but with far less casualties. The battle of Bunker Hill caused the British to suffer great casualties which weakened their defenses and the chances of the colonial army’s total surrender.


General Montgomery and Benedict Arnold decided to launch a surprise attack in a snow storm to hide their movements but the British were waiting at the fort in Quebec city where Montgomery was killed and Arnold was wounded the colonial army suffered their first huge loses and left the city.The colonial army had lost a major general in General Montgomery and Benedict Arnold was badly wounded. The army had also lost supplies and men.

Lake there Champlain

On October 11 177 the first naval battle of the war between New York mainland and Valcour Island. The colonial navy had lost many of its ships to British forces, however its surprise invasion of Lake Champlain stalled the British troops plans to reach the upper part of the Hudson River Valley. The colonial navy had managed to stall the British from reaching the upper part of the Hudson River Valley which meant they could sneak past the British and regroup but the bad weather rendered them unsuccessful as they chose to refortify the forts at Ticonderoga and rebuild damaged ships.


After crossing the Delaware River under extremely harsh conditions Washington was able to lead a silent attack on British troops garrisoned at Trenton, capturing most of the British troops. After surviving the crossing at Delaware and the victory at Trenton morale of the men was lifted and many were encouraged to reenlist.


The battle was fought between September19th and October 7th 1777, referred to as the turning point of the war because it sealed the fate of General John Burgoyne and the British army. Burgoyne’s had suffered...
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