Othello Soliloquy

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1. These lines were taken from the play Othello. This statement is conveyed to Othello by brabation. When brabantio find out that Desdemona had eloped with Othello and Othello is accusing him that he had done something that totally changed her consciousness. Although he is the general in the Venetian state. According to brabantio at this situation he consider him as an outsider. Brabationtio thinks that his daughter is abuse he delicate youth with drugs or minerals that weaken motion, of his daughter by doing some magic that had enchanted herself to totally devote to him. And also brabantio refers him as who had stolen the valuable, daughter from him. The magic and enchanting are the word that that is normally used in witchcraft. That means brabantio accuses as a witch who had enchanted his daughter. brabatio could not believe that his daughter had a black man an outsider. Because of that only he convinces him that Othello had done soothing to steal his daughters heart.

2. these lines were taken from the play Othello and is said by Othello to the duke and the others. When brabantion complains about Othello asks for his daughter back from Othello. When Othello was going to say the truth about the growth of his love from the beginning. He wanted Desdemona herself to say her part of her story. At this point Othello is more confident than brabantio that his and Desdemona’s love is true. Othello wanted this fight between brabatio to come to a point.
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