Othello, Act 5: Plot Summary

Topics: Iago, Othello, Michael Cassio Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Othello Act 5, Plot Summary
Outside of a brothel, Iago and Roderigo wait. Roderigo is preparing to ambush Cassio. After a few moments, Iago leaves the scene, even though Roderigo asks him to stay close in case something goes wrong with the ambush. Cassio then enters and Roderigo stabs at him, failing to pierce Cassio’s armor. Thus, Cassio defends himself and stabs Roderigo. Iago quickly returns to the scene and in the commotion stabs Cassio in the leg and exits. Cassio, unaware of who stabbed him, falls to the ground. Othello enters and hears Cassio’s cries. Therefore, he draws the conclusion that Iago has killed Cassio. Enraged by what he believes to be Iago’s successful vengeance, Othello runs to his bedroom to kill Desdemona.

Graziano and Lodovico enter the scene and can see nothing; however they hear the cries of Cassio and Roderigo. They are nervous to help because they think the situation could be a trap. Iago then enters the scene holding a light. Iago pretends to know nothing of the stabbing. He finds Cassio, who begs for his help. Then, he discovers Roderigo, who he stabs instantly. The other two men cannot see Igao; therefore, they are unaware of the murder. Finally, Cassio is questioned about his wounds. Upon entering the scene, Bianca cries out because she sees the wounded Cassio. Then, Iago asks Cassio about his attacker (Roderigo). However, Cassio cannot explain why and what just happened. Iago then suggests that Roderigo was the instigator. However, Cassio says that he does not know Roderigo. After the interrogation, Cassio and Roderigo’s dead body are carried off stage. Emilia enters, and Iago tells her what has just occurred. Iago and Emilia then chastise Bianca, the owner of the house Cassio had eaten with that evening. Ultimately, Bianca is taken under arrest and sends Emilia to tell Othello and Desdemona what has transpire.

Othello enters the bedroom and stands over his wife. He bends down to kiss her and she wakes. Then, Othello...
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