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Survey of the OT
Exam Number One
Study Guide
Based on Hill and Walton, 3rd edition, 2009

You will have two hours to complete the Exam, which will consist of True/False, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Multiple Choice, and Identification questions. Research the following statements to prepare. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure correct spelling; there will be no post-exam spelling corrections.

Week 1 - Background of the OT

Reading Assignments:

➢ Hill and Walton (HW), Approaching the OT, pp. 20-34; (1 Cor 10:1, 6-13; Rom 15:4; Mat 5:17- 18)
➢ HW, Geography of the OT, pp. 34-55; (Jdg 1:1- 2:10)
➢ HW, Historical Overview of OT Times, pp. 180-203; (Neh 9:1-38; Ps 105:1-45) ➢ HW, Archaeology and the OT, pp. 356-373; (Exod 1:1-22)
➢ HW, Formation of the OT Scriptures, pp. 480-501; (Jer 36:1-32; Isa 8:16-20)

Week 2 - The Pentateuch

Reading Assignments:

➢ Hill and Walton, Introduction to the Pentateuch, pp. 56-75; (Gen 12:1-4; Deut 29:1- 30:20) ➢ Hill and Walton, Genesis, pp. 76-99; (Gen 1:1- 3:24; 15:1-21; 17:1-21) ➢ Hill and Walton, Exodus, pp. 100-123; (Exod 2:1- 4:17; 19:4-8; 20:1-21) ➢ Hill and Walton, Leviticus, pp. 124-141; (Lev 1:1-17; 16:1-34; 23:1-44) ➢ Hill and Walton, Numbers, pp. 142-161; (Num 2:1-34; 6:1-8; 22:1-35) ➢ Hill and Walton, Deuteronomy, pp. 162-179; (Deut 5:1- 6:25; 33:1-29)

Week 1 questions:

1. Know the primary objective of the OT according to HW. HW – p. 20-21

2. The important Hebrew word for God’s divine loyalty is (what?). HW – p. 25

3. Be able to identify the “core concept” of the Old Testament according to HW - HW p. 25

4. Be able to identify (book, chapter, verses) the key biblical text that describes the institution of the covenant with Abraham. (refer to the scripture readings in Genesis)

5. According to HW, the authority of the Bible derives from the fact that it is what kind of revelation (four letter word)?

6. Be able to identify the three procedures of interpretation outlined by H&W.

7. Using the map in HW p. 43, be able to identify the following cities, mountains, and geographical areas: (Note: use the map posted under “Course Materials” on Blackboard to help you study for the exam). JerusalemMt. CarmelRift Valley

HebronMt. NeboTransjordanian Mountains
JerichoCoastal Plain
BeershebaCentral Mountains

8. Be able to identify the name which signified a "land of purple" and was probably derived from the purple dye manufactured from the murex shellfish found in abundance along the Mediterranean coast. HW - p. 44

9. Be able to identify the name of the people from which the land of Palestine took its name (the Pelishtim in Hebrew). This group settled along the Mediterranean coast from Joppa to Gaza about 1300-1200 B.C. HW - p. 43-44

10. Be able to discuss the “theological significance” of the land of Palestine for Israel.

11. Which Babylonian king was best known for his collection of laws—considered to be the best such collection recovered from the ancient Near East? HW p. 185

12. Jerusalem was conquered, sacked and destroyed, with its people deported in 587-6 BC under the onslaught of what empire? HW - pp. 197-198

13. The text of the Old Testament was originally written in which language(s)?

14. Be able to identify the ancient Jewish scholars who improved word divisions and added the vowel pointing to the Hebrew Old Testament—and for whom the an important collection Hebrew manuscripts is named - HW p. 485

15. Be able to identify the 4 stages in the process of formal canon formation in the Old Testament -HW p. 488-490

16. Be able to identify the title (acronym) for the Hebrew bible that reflects its threefold as torah, nebiim,and ketubim. - HW pp. 490

17. Be able to identify which OT books were disputed or called antilegomena ("spoken against") regarding their inclusion in...
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