Orthopedi Treatment Plan

Topics: Knee, Rotator cuff, Hip Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Chondro malatia arthritis (knee arthritis)
Defintion: degenerative change on the cartilage of tibia femoral joint. Symptom: Pain during sitting when you flex your knee, walking down stair, stand up from squatting, kneeling. X-ray: arthritis sign, cyst, intraarticular space decrease.

Treatment plan
pain: anti-inflammatory drug, taping, electro therapy.
ROM: increase ROM, active and passive movement.
Muscle strengthening: strengthening of quadriceps muscle.
Operative treatment: cut-retinaculum, plaster.
Gona arthritis (knee arthritis)
Definition: joint surface gets damaged
Secondary: Hip problems, overweight, trauma, bonenutrition
Symptom: Pain around the knee, crappytation, limit flexion and extention X-ray: decrease joint surface, cyst

Treatment plan: underwater therapy,
Pain: relief pain with electrotherapy and Ice
ROM: stretch hamstring
Muscle strength: strengthening the quadriceps
Surgery: unicondylar, bicondylar
ergonomic advise: Grips, lift on toilet, stocking, walking aids Stage 1. Patient feel discomfort, pain after long work.
Stage 2. At the start of exercise after resting
stage 3. At the start during movement and after loading
stage 4. Constant pain

Scapular elevate
Definition: developmental disorder, if its serious it makes Something chert bony between spine of scapula and cervical Symptom: there is no pain, triangle between hand and trunk is not normal, shoulder is elevated, shoulder is in anterior position ROM: increase, levator scapula, trapezius, pectoralis major, protractor stretching. Muscle strength: deep abdominal muscle

Impingment syndrome
definition: degenerative change of the soft tissue around the shoulder joint, rotator cuff muscle, specially supra spinatus and when supra spinatus is weak and it doesn’t centralize the shoulder in mid range of abduction and flexion symptom: pain during abduction and flexion in mid range of motion restriction: in mid range of abduction and flexion

treatment plan:...
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