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The Importance Of Team Building
Team building requires a sequence of planned activities aimed at improving teamwork to increase group cohesion and effectiveness. Team building works to build better relationships, increase understanding of group goals and improve communications among members. Many underestimate the importance of team building and think that group cohesion and teamwork occur naturally in groups. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true; those things must be continuously supported and nurtured by all group members. Just think about a sports team. At the beginning of a season, the coach has to spend time blending a variety of personalities, talents and attitudes together. As the season progresses, players may lose focus, get frustrated with the lack of performance or become complacent. Even world-champion teams have losing streaks and are far from immune to the need for continuous team building activities. When the season draws to a close, it becomes evident which teams worked hard at team building throughout the season and which did not by seeing which teams made it to the playoffs.

Even world-champion teams must participate in continuous team-building activities. team building
Work groups and teams have similar challenges. When a group is newly formed they must tackle the difficulties of becoming familiar with one another and begin the process of working together. As they progress through the stages of group development they too may experience problems of inadequate teamwork and lack of cohesion at various points of time. This is why team building is so important to the long-term success of any group or team. When done correctly and at the right times, team building can help a group manage their level of cohesion and teamwork challenges when they happen or help them prevent such issues from developing at all.

How Team Building Works
The objective of team building is improving teamwork to increase group cohesion and effectiveness. There...
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