organisational behavior

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John and Shekhar were together since childhood. They did their schooling, college and job together. Inspite of it, they had contrasting personalities. John was outgoing and Shekhar was shy and reserved by nature. Both of them joined the marketing department of an IT firm. As Shekhar could not perform well in the Marketing department, he was transferred to R&D department where he excelled. Therefore, he was appointed as a team leader for a new project where John worked under him. Shekhars’s autocratic; competitive and strict nature did not go down well with his team. As a result, he had to seek help from John for relationship building with his team. Later on, the project was delivered successfully. Q1) Discuss the personality traits of Shekhar & John and identify their personality types. Ans.) The personalities of Shekhar and John can be described with the help of the following theories: Type Theories: Psychological factors (Carl Jung)

According to this theory John was an extrovert whereas Shekhar was an introvert Individual Trait Theory:
John was compassionate, social, talkative and responsible while Shekhar was sensitive, observant, detail oriented and responsible but had a different approach. Trait Theory:
a) Cardinal Traits: John was easy going and approachable whereas Shekhar was hard working and disciplined b) Secondary Traits (Situational trait):
John- When Shekhar was going to be fired due to his poor performance in the marketing dept. john requested the HR manager to...
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