Organisational Audit - point on SWOT, demographic influences and product positioning

Topics: Low-cost carrier, Strategic management, Ryanair Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: January 16, 2014
Minutes for Meeting 1

Subject: SWOT
I spoke about the strengths that Ryan Air has, such as having acquired buzz. I said that since Ryan Air is expanding Eastwards at a steady pace this is a strength but a after some opinions from Maira Azzopardi and Nadine Grixti, I had come to realise that this is more of an opportunity. Maria Azzopardi also said that the fact that the website is available in more than 20 languages is also a strength. Nadine Grixti went over to say that booking flights over the internet is a strength , however after a discussion with Maria Azzopardi and Elenia Desira regarding how this is the only way to book flight she decided that this was if fact a weakness. Maria Azzopardi and I continued to discuss that Ryan Air avoid paying congestion fees and it will also remain the first low-cost airlines these were identified as strengths. Nadine Grixti continued by saying since Ryan Air does not have an office in Malta, this saved costs and is a strength for Ryan Air. I said that since passengers have to pay for an extra services even for using the restroom this is a weakness for Ryan Air and also the fact that profits decreased could also prove to be a weakness as Ryan Air may have to cut down on certain services or products to make up for this loss. Nadine Grixti and Elenia Desira argued that since passengers must pay for their luggage this is also a sign of weakness, Nadine Grixti came up with the idea that Ryan Air should provide a package which includes luggage along with flights. Maria Azzopardi and Elenia Desira continued to say that this should not be obligatory since certain groups travel with only hand luggages. Maria Azzopardi said that since Ryan Air does not provide adequate Human Resources policies this may lead to an unmotivated workforce. Nadine Grixti said that the website is the only means of booking flights which is once again a weakness. I spoke about the fact that Ryan Air can expand into various other regions while still...
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