Operation and Product Life Cycle

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Operations & the Product Life Cycle

Maturity Growth Development & launch Develop or decline


Operations Management in Tourism GHT 3652
Lecturer: E. Kasuto Room: Y042 Tel: 206-3267



Product Life Cycle Implications for Operations Strategy?


Roles of Operations Manager

What do Operations Managers do?

Strategic change involves re-structuring, re-engineering

Customer service criteria


Quality Dependability Range Maintainer - emphasises Schedule Dependability Quality Price/cost

Strategic change involves enhancing the operation’s infrastructure

Marketeer - emphasises

Innovator Quality Product/service performance Speed New prod. devel Reorganiser Quality Product/service performance Flexibility Speed

• With your partner, choose "an operation" and list the main activities the operations manager must manage.  role demands     planning decisions coordination systems


Traditional Enhanced Operations process design

The Operations Environment

Competitive External Environment

The Economy, the Society

Staff & skills

Design & Engineering




transformation system
Purchasing & Logistics Information Systems


Finance & Accounting




Ops Mgt Decision Framework

Operations Strategy




Product/operations strategy 4. Process choice choice trade-offs positioning capacity: size, timing, location  role of inventory in process     5. Infrastructure  function support  ops planning & info systems  QA & control  systems engineering  clerical procedures  wage systems  work & organisational structures

    

Corporate objectives Growth Survival profit ROI other £ measures

      

Winning orders Marketing in the strategy marketplace? Product/service  price markets &  quality segments  delivery speed Range + reliability Mix  responsiveness Volumes to demand Standardisation  design features vs. customisation & leadership Level of  product/service innovation range Leader vs.  technical follower support

Contribution to • competitiveness and market leadership Operations functions • needs clear, consistent, achievable objectives & implementation • A move from safe, conservative ops to market/fashion leader? requires different + better • responsiveness,quality, information, control, skills • production processes, supplier relationships • uses of technology and design applications Who & what drives ops strategy & technological innovation? Accountants, marketing, sales, partners, innovators and inventions, competitors, customers?

Source: Hill T, Manufacturing Strategy, Macmillan, 1993

Strategic Management
Environmental Scanning

Operations Strategy Model

Business strategy Operations Strategy Mission Distinctive Competence Objectives cost, quality, flexibility, delivery

Evaluation & Control


Strategy Formulation

Internal & external analysis


Functional strategies: marketing, finance, engineering, staff & information systems

Strategy Implementation • Disciplined, iterative process of driving towards vision, by finding or making and maintaining a defensible space or trajectory in a given business environment.

Policies: process, quality systems, capacity,& inventory

Consistent decisions


What is Strategy?
• • • • • • • • Plan Process Position Pattern Perspective Procedure Play Ploy • Strategic Management • Strategic Position • Strategic Navigation • Strategic Tactics

Strategy Checklist
• Value proposition • Vision • Position or direction
– Structure or resource base

• Revenue & business model • Timeline or guidelines • Fit



Value Proposition
• Specific, concrete offer of benefits
– Price, quality, convenience, choice, cost-savings, reliability, etc

• Stable core
– Mission: Central audience + core...
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