Odyssey Test Sample Questions

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Penelope Pages: 4 (1167 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Jamie Rubin
Odyssey Test and Take Home Test (missed Friday before break)

Odyssey Test

Book 15- 2 omens

1) -When an eagle swoops down with a goose in its talons, it may be interpreted as how Odysseus is planning a revenge on the suitors soon. -When a hawk is seen with a dove in its talons, Theoclymenus sees it as a sign that Odysseus, and Telemachus in particular will soon reign over the palace and become quite powerful.

Book 16- 3 ironic events

1) -An example of irony is when father and son, Odysseus and Telemachus, are with each other, however they don’t know it yet. This is ironic because after 20 long years apart, they finally reunite, however not knowing it truly because Odysseus is disguised. -When a prince and king are living off of a poor swineherd, the classes are switched per say. This is ironic because the Odysseus and Telemachus are the two most powerful men in t he kingdom and they are being a houseguest to a poor, but loyal swineherd. -When Penelope punishes one of the suitors for scheming a plan to kill Telemachus, it is ironic because she once “teased” the suitors, but now is completely against them for wanting her family dead.

Book 17- temptation; compare 2 major events, which was harder for Od.

1) Temptation is a huge theme in the book, let alone in this book. Odysseus must restrain himself on numerous occasions. For example when he comes across Melanthius, who kicks him, he must control himself and not fight back, just yet. Also, when Odysseus recognizes his dog, he cannot show affection, for it would blow his cover as a beggar. Another example of temptation would be when Odysseus sees food being passed out, however doesn’t receive very much at all. Of course he is tempted to take it, for it is his food rightfully, however he doesn’t. Lastly, when Penelope wishes to speak with Odysseus, he postpones it for later, even though he would love to speak with his wife who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. The one that...
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