Obesity and Health

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Obesity Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: May 24, 2013
It´s widely known that developed countries are more likely to have obesity problems because peple tend to eat more falty and salty

Weight is an extremely important issue Being overweight is linked to numerous health problems, including high blood pressure[->0], heart disease and even cancer. From a medical point of view, this means is a big issue. Our views on body image mean that weight .

Several factors are adding to that statistic: the inactive state of most people caught in the electronic age. Now, with the use of cell phones, lap tops, video games, home PC, people are actually being encouraged to be inactive. Childhood obesity is a serious concern in today's society. It leads to: --- health problems : children are suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and emotional problems due to their obesity ---- low self-esteem : Apart from the physical health problems associated with being overweight, there are also emotional and social problems that can arise. These can include discrimination, low self-esteem and even depression[->1]. ****** Childhood obesity is caused from inactivity and unhealthy diets high in sugars and fats.

Fast food restaurants are on the rise, “Would you like the large size today?” Eating improperly, because you just don’t have the time solutions
regular exercise
-A better approach may be to encourage them to join you in making healthier lifestyle choices[->2]. For example, instead of telling your friend that they are fat start going on walks together, or join a gym[->3]. be as supportive as possible.

If you are concerned about the person’s health, another possibility is to begin a discussion about the importance of regular health checks with their doctor. -a balanced healthy diet such as high fiber

-Combating childhood obesity starts at home.
-Parents and must provide support and guidance for their children, helping them make...
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