Nursing Diagnosis for Patient with Aids

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Nursing diagnosis for patient with AIDS (in the movie Philadelphia)

Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than body requirements R/T inability to ingest nutrients (Gulanick & Myers, 2007) AEB vomiting three times per day after each meal, 35lb weight loss in past 60 days, height of patient is 5’8” weight of 110lbs (Demme, 1993).

Impaired Skin Integrity – AIDS, R/T immune deficiency; AIDS related dermatitis (Gulanick & Myers, 2007) AEB Approximately 10, 3 x 2 cm reddened lesions to face and torso, lesions are spreading to other extretemeties , and client concerned statement about lesions (Demme, 1993)

Acute/Chronic Pain R/T abdominal cramping (Gulanick & Myers, 2007) as evidenced by reports of pain 8/10 to abdomen, guarding of abdominal region, reports of frequent use of pain medication every 2 hours. (Demme, 1993)

Short Term Goals

Patient will have ceased with episodes of emesis through administration of antiemetic medications by 5/31/13.

Long term Goals

Client will consume 50% or greater of food tray at each meal with increased calories to meet metabolic demands by 6/7/13.

Client will gain 2 pounds every week for two weeks, gaining total of 4 lbs. by 6/7/13.

Client will no longer exhibit further nausea/vomiting while consuming 75% or more of each meal tray, able to regain electrolyte and blood counts to normal ranges, and have steady measurable weight gain reaching 116 lbs. by 6/13/13 (Vera, 2012).

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