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Topics: Applied behavior analysis, Behavior, Behaviorism Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 1, 2014

ABA Therapy
By: Christine Defendorf
I am going to be talking about the APA therapy. In this paper I hope to better my knowledge by understanding what APA therapy is, what kind of learning it is associated with, and anything information that will better my view on this particular therapy.

ABA therapy was once known as behavioral modification is now defined as Applied Behavior Analysis. This type of therapy is used in classical conditioning settings that normally changes human behaviors. Many times this is used a learning or treatment process. Through this process it is believed that studying the relationship amongst a set behavior and the environment that ABA therapy can actually change the behavior. ABA therapy is used to cope with people that are autistic and normally are toddlers/young children.
ABA mainly focuses on knowing how the learning takes place. Through studies it was shown that positive reinforcement is a main principle. When a certain behavior is followed by a reward, it then causes the behavior to be repeated over and over again. On the other hand, when a behavior takes place and is followed by a punishment, the behavior is less likely to happen. Because of all of the research that has been poured in ABA, we have been able to develop several techniques that encourage useful behaviors along with reducing ones that prevent proper learning.

Applied behavior analysis is a “new” term for what we know as a behavior modification. This is a process of trying to mold a certain behavior and response out of individuals with autism. Autism is a disorder in which the person has great difficulty in communicating with others, often refusing to look at another person. (Psychology, pg 195) One of the great things about ABA is it is broken down to the smallest and easiest steps and then taught to the child through reinforcement. Many times when a child isn’t taking associating with people, therapist use prompts. When the child...
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