Notes on the Natural History of the Soul in Mexico

Topics: Soul, Spirit, Human Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Notes on the natural history of the soul in Mexico

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“The soul is the ultimate essence of the person”
eastern philosophies consider the soul to be a spirit trapped in flesh. Western orthodoxy says its a eternal spirit
Aztecs= the mexica (post classic 1200-1519ad)
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The Mexica-
were mostly known for enthusiastically going to war, human sacrifice in rituals, dismemberment, cannibalism, and subjagation of conquered people. Had “ well developed ideas about the ultimate nature of the human being, how the body was animated and why, and what happened to the identity at and after death” he is “concerned with how one native american group turned, not to theological prononcements and speculation to verify their ideas, but to experience to what can be seen, touched, heard, and in some cases even smelled.” Page 4

both westerners and natives attribute three factors to the soul “a soul is a center, entity, or force that either makes a person alive or capable of action or over laps with the living state” the soul abandons the body at the time of death

“a soul differentiates one person from another, and it may retain its specific character even after death.” keeps its spectral form of its mortal body and becomes a recognizable ghost “a soul is often a medium through which the spirits contact the living.” Page 5

aristotle believed that the basic function of the soul was for keeping an organism alive and for the continuation of its kind. The second vivifying function was present in men and animalls but not many plants.The rational function of the soul was only given to mankind, being capable of belief, opinion, and convinction, an hence of reason. Greek philosophers believed that the souls of supernatural spirites and disembodied human souls had divine bodies that were made of “subtle” matter Plato believed that all souls were made of spiritual fire aristotle...
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